Q: So, when did you get your first big break?

Doug: I was at Kenyon studying figure painting when I had the opportunity to work with Richard Avedon.

Q: If you could boil down your early experiences, what is the most important thing you learned?

Doug: Atmosphere is everything... And the most essential aspect of photographing people is establishing trust.

Q: So, what is your ultimate goal after establishing trust? What is it that you are looking to accomplish?
And how do you know when you've accomplished it?

Doug: I don't think you ever "accomplish" a photograph. I try to set the stage in order to capture
energy in an image. It's so fleeting. The best pictures always seem to happen as a surprise.
My job is to make sure that I'm looking through the camera when they do.

Q: So what is it about fashion photography that appeals to you?

Doug : The collaboration. I love the people I work with.

douglas Mott photo  photo: Melissa Vallas

Doug lives on a farm in Lincolnville, Maine with his wife, Tina, and their three daughters.